The texts on FreeMathTexts.org are reasonable in that they acknowledge a number of facts, in particular the facts that:
So, in contrast with currently available commercial textbooks, the texts to be found on FreeMathTexts.org A further discussion of these facts, and of how the texts on FreeMathTexts.org attempt to take them into consideration, can be found in Chapter Thirteen.

Two more facts govern the development of the texts on FreeMathTexts.org, namely that:
As of this date, two titles have been completed and one is in progress. All are freely available: * I would like to acknowledge the fact that Lulu waived its "fees" inasmuch as I do not collect any royalties.

And, for those interested, I have resumed my Notes From The Mathematical Underground (September 19, 2011.)
There are of course other possible approaches to mathematical exposition. For instance, Santos' texts follow the Edmund Landau style of presentation. More generally, there are several sites in which free mathematical texts can be found such as Online Mathematics Textbooks, Online Science and Math Textbooks, etc. And then there is iBerry, with Open CourseWare and Higher Education Resources, which describes itself as "the first academic porthole", that is as "a small but cheerful window in the side of the Higher Education ship for purposes of illumination and enlightenment." And there is Karl's Calculus Tutor, a friendly view of calculus even if, inasmuch as it uses the "standard" approach, it is not as friendly as Lagrange's approach.

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